Geiranger Fjord Overhang viewpoint

Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger fjord
View from a cruise ship going through the fjords from Geiranger heading out to sea.

Probably one of the most astonishing & beautiful parts of Norway that i ever had the pleasure to have visited. Its unique & majestic snow covered mountains are UNESCO-protected & the mountain peaks & wild waterfalls with lush, green vegetation capture your heart and leave you in ore & astonishment.

This is a destination not to be missed & i highly recommend any backpacker/tourist or holiday maker to put this on their places to visit before you die list.

I give Geiranger 5* on my top places to visit, and even though prices in Norway can be a little steep for someone looking for a budget trip, it just has to be visited if possible. Prices for a meal in a restaurant are ranging between 30-40 euro per person which for most people is very expensive compared to most European countries. But even considering the high expense it is definitely worth trying your best to dig deep into your pockets for this trip of a lifetime. Its a must!

Things to do in Geiranger :

  • King Crab RIB speed boat fishing.  This is a. trip which is not to be missed. A  RIB speed boat (rigid-inflatable boat)  takes you out through the Fjords at high speed to a location where you will fish for Large king Crabs which you even get to eat your catch at the end of the day! Definitely recommended.

  • Visit the Seven Sisters Waterfalls by boat. Probably one of the highlights in Geiranger as you can see seven perfectly formed water falls right beside each other looking like something out of Avatar on a beautiful summers day! Always a winner!

  • Geiranger Glacier. For this you will need to take a bus up through the mountains to get to the glacier as it takes roughly about 1 hour 30 mins to get there. But if your in the area and have never seen a glacier then make sure its on your list of things to do. You wont regret it!

There are many other things to do in & around the area, including water sports, hiking tours, biking tours & camping. or you can relax or take a walk up the very steep hill to the view point to capture some amazing views just like in the picture above.

Geiranger is a peaceful and breathtaking place which will leave you astonished and ready to plan your next trip back to Norway! 

The Seven Sisters

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