Eiffel tower view over river


Paris, France’s capital. A major European city. It is famous for its abundance of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. The river Seine crosses directly through it making it easily accessible for boats. Additionally to the Eiffel Tower paris is also famous for its 12th century Notre Dame Cathedral and its luxurious and traditional cafes, bars, restaurant culture and designer boutiques. 

The Place de la Concorde is one of the significant public squares in Paris and is the largest square in the French capital. I had always wondered what this is but i knew it wasn’t french so i did a little research on it and found out that the needle looking statue is called an “Obelisk” which is derived from the Greek word Obeliskos meaning “needle”.Obelisks were set in pairs, at the entrances of temples, and to some Old Kingdom tombs and related to the cult of the Sun God “Ra”.Obelisks symbolised the stability and the creative force of  the sun god “Ra”. You learn something new everyday don’t you? It was a very nice walk from the obelisk to the Louvre. 



I didn’t have much time to go inside the louvre on my trip as most of my trips are very fast paced and on the clock. But i did manage to get a few snaps before moving on to my next photo location. I don’t know much about the louvre but i do know it is the largest museum in the world and i heard a rumour that the exact number of glass panes is 666 the number of the beast. (rofl) Apart from this and getting a chance to see the Mona lisas smiling face i do think this would have been something not to miss which i am sad to say i missed. Maybe next time? 

After running from the Louvre over the other side of the seine river to the Notre Dame Cathedral for a quick snap we headed towards  the Eiffel Tower to finish off our trip with the highlight of Paris as our last destination. Paris is a wonder of a city and has a magical feel to it. I do wish i could have spent more time there to get a real feel for it but i still enjoyed the short time i was there. Paris is just one of those cities you must visit in your life if you ever get the opportunity. 

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