Blue lagoon Iceland


Iceland, a Nordic island nation, is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. The Massive glaciers are protected in its national parks. The Majority of the population live in the capital, Reykjavik, which runs on geothermal power is home to the famous National and Saga museums, which take you back in time tracing all the way back to the very beginning of Icelands roots and the Viking era.


Reykjavik is a very beautiful city situated right beside the port which makes it the perfect place for cruise ships to bring tourists. Directly in the port are people offering car rental services for those looking to travel around on their own or who want to venture further out into the surrounding areas of Reykjavik. It is not necessary to rent a car otherwise as you can walk to the city centre easily just 2 miles down the road which I recommend as its such a beautiful walk. My experience in Reykjavik was a short one as we only had a couple of days to look around .We tried to visit what we could in this time.First of all I had my own bicycle as I was working on cruise ships at the time which was an advantage for me. I Rode my bike down into reykjavik centre and had myself a beer in one of the local bars. I can not remember exactly the name of the bar but it was very cute. For anyone travelling to Iceland make sure you have a lot of cash on you as everything is very expensive, similar prices to Norway if not more expensive.

The Blue Lagoon Spa

I didn’t stay too long in the city centre and eventually me and my colleagues from the cruise ship MSC Splendida decided to rent a car and drive around 45 minutes south west to the world famous Blue Lagoon Spa with its geothermal seawater & active ingredients: minerals, silica and algae, and its spa treatments & massages, the Blue Lagoon Spa is a highly popular destination for visitors to Iceland. Exciting as it sounds we weren’t very lucky on our trip to experience it because after waiting in a long queue for  30 minutes we were unfortunately told it the Spa was full and unless we had an online booking we could not enter the complex. After begging to be let inside and offering to pay more but with no success we gave up and it was a very disappointing blow for us and it did spoil our trip for a short while. But we tried to not let it spoil our day and we took some pictures in the surrounding area and beside the pools and then discussed where to go next?

Geysir Trip

We decided to the time we had to drive to one of the closest geysirs at Haukadalur Valley around 2 hours drive from the Blue Lagoon. What an amazing drive it was to the geysir, we stopped a few times along the way because it was just too beautiful to continue driving without getting out to take a good long look at how beautiful it all was and just allow yourself to take it all in. It looked like something out of a painting with wild horses running around with the immense mountains filling the landscape. Also along the way you will see an area of piled up rocks which tourists throughout the years have piled up on top of each other creating an interesting location for a cool picture with awesome scenery behind you. Arriving to the Geysir you will find a petrol station and a shop with many interesting Icelandic souvenirs. We did not buy any as the prices were a little out our price range. Iceland is very expensive compared to other countries I have been in. About a couple of minutes walk from the shop on the opposite side of the road you will find yourself at the Geysir where you can stop and enjoy this very natural hot spring at work. Geysirs are hot springs but not the type you want to go swimming but you could probably boil yourself some chicken in it for lunch? So after taking a few snaps we drove back to the ship with a smile on our faces and feeling good about the day. Iceland is a country I would love to go back to and I hope one day I will have the money to make this dream come true as there are many other exciting things to do here which I never had the opportunity to do. All in all Iceland is a dream holiday and recommended to anybody from families to couples to solo backpackers. I give it a 5* rating for pretty much everything.

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