Biking in Bergen with David Bryan


Colourful Bergen is a large city, but with a small-town charm and atmosphere. It is famous for the seven mountains surrounding the city centre, the Hanseatic Wharf, the fish market, and one of Norway’s biggest cultural events, the Bergen International Festival, which is held there each year.

Bergen is a very unique place and has a wonderfully pleasant and friendly feel to it which will leave you with an appetite for more. Speaking of appetite do not forget to try the fresh fish market down by the harbour which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bryggen. Here you can taste the delights of what they have to offer directly from the fishing boats which is cooked fresh right in front of you. You can try a mouth watering range of sea foods from King crab, Octopus to even whale! But i do not recommend you try the whale as it is has a very tough rubbery texture and not for the picky eaters. 

You can take a stroll through the vibrant city with its marvellous building designs and beautifully situated pond lakes or take a stroll up to the top of Mount Floyen (below) and get an outstanding view of Bergen from the viewpoint.

I was extremely delighted to visit this amazing little pearl of  a city in Norway. I hope to visit again someday.

Bergen's Architecture
Bergen's City Centre
Fish market harbour
Mt Floyen Viewpoint
The Streets of Bergen

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