Alesund, the pretty little port town on the west coast of Norway. Alesund  is the entrance to the Geiranger Fjord.


Ålesund is a port town on the west coast of Norway, at the entrance to the Geiranger fjord. It is a picture perfect town which will grab you the minute you arrive and if the natural beauty doesn’t the outstanding architecture will definitely blow you away. Just walking through the streets of this town on a beautiful summers day is like stepping into paradise for a day. Enjoy what the town has to offer and its tasty cuisines but do not forget to take a trip up to the viewpoint where you can see the amazing picture perfect view of this spectacular little place. It is a bit of a hike up there so be prepared to burn a few calories but there are hand rails to hold onto as you ascend.

If your an exercise freak like me i would definitely suggest renting a bike and taking a trip along the roads and up through the hills. If you take the west road you will have a beautiful little ride up to the top of the hills and through a small village which eventually takes you to a dead end. But not without seeing some amazing views along the away  which are totally worth the ride. The bike ride shouldnt take you more than 30 mins in total. If you take the east road you will find that you need to ride on the main road which is usually heavy with traffic for maybe 15 or 20 minutes. But once you get off the high way and take a right south you will go through some absolutely wonderful communities of parks, schools, ponds and villages to get a real feel for how Norwegians really live. For me it was definitely worth the ride out but it really depends on your fitness levels and if you don’t mind riding along a busy road to get there. The total journey is around 90 mins in total without stopping. All in all Alesund was a place i dream of visiting again one day. I feel privileged to have had the chance to see this amazing town. Put this on your list of places to see in Norway! A must!!

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